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How is the water purified differently than our competitors?

WaterStations utilizes a 7-Stage Purification process unique to eliminating toxins as well as applying minerals and electrolytes to the water we clean. Our process includes sediment filtration which removes sediment including rust, dust, dirt, clay, and pipe residue. Carbon Filtration which removes chemicals including chlorine, solvents, and pesticides. VOC Filtration which removes volatile organic compounds. Reverse osmosis which removes arsenic, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury and other solids.

As well as polishing filtration which is described as post-carbon filtration for a clean, crisp and fresh taste.

Mineralization which is water is enhanced with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes to reduce Oxidation Reduction Potential and increase the pH to Alkaline. Lastly, ultra-violet light for the final sanitation that eliminates microorganisms and any bacteria.

What kind of containers can be filled?

Water can be dispensed in sizes of 3.8-, 11.4-, and 18.9-liter increments and even adjusted to output water at specific pH balances. Any container can be utilized for filling purposes, we recommend containers that will be used multiple times. This allows for a major reduction in plastic bottle consumption which is extremely environmentally conscience.

How are WaterStations different from other refillable water stations?

Not only will WaterStations filter unclean water 7 times vs the standard 1-3 times, but each one of our WaterStations are also remotely monitored 24/7 to ensure reliability as well as quality. Therefore, before there are any quality issues or risk machine is malfunctioning, we can deploy technicians to prevent any risk to consumers health or prevent any downtime of each machine.

Where can machines be placed?

Machines are sized at 183cm H x 94cm W x 74cm D and because of the quality of materials allow them to be placed both indoors or outdoors. They can be utilized anywhere power and water are available. In extreme conditions machines can be configured with solar panels to self-power or be powered by mobile generator.

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