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Our effect spreads beyond just clean water. We build communities.

1 in 3 people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water and this is in both developed and under developed countries. The implementation of our stations has an effect that spreads beyond simply providing a resource. It takes the burden off all people who have had the stresses of finding where their next drink of water will come from. A burden off the people also means that the burden is taken off the environment. No longer will populations of countries have to boil water from freshwater supplies to get clean drinking water which can, in turn, harm both people and the resource of freshwater. The role of servicing water stations will be filled by those who are using them and will create an infrastructure within the community that benefits both sides. Employing those within the community produces passion-driven employment since they are providing a necessity to their own community.

Not only does it reduce burden and unemployment, but it also reduces healthcare costs on a national level. About 40% of those admitted to a hospital are due to stomach-born illness where 60% of those are contracted through the water they drink! Imagine being able to eliminate that hardship with the ability to provide clean and safe water. Our stations provide many components of benefits to the community and leave no one behind in the provision of clean water!

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