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We create clean, healthy water. We eliminate the wait time. 

Water stations have a seven-part internal filtration system that goes beyond removing the basic rust, clay, chlorine, pesticides and common volatile compounds found in water. We also remove harmful solids like lead, mercury, arsenic, pharmaceuticals and most importantly micro organism. We remove and replace these toxins with minerals and electrolytes in all our water. This means that any regular (and usually contaminated) water can be transformed into clean, healthy drinking water. This process includes sediment filtration, carbon filtration, volatile organic compound (VOC) filtration, reverse osmosis, fine particle filtration, ultra-violet exposure and alkaline mineralization which creates a fresh-tasting purified water that is available 24 hours per day.

Water can be dispensed in sizes of 3.8-, 11.4-, and 18.9-liter
increments and even adjusted to output water at specific pH
balances. With internal holding tanks, our machines can output a
large amount of water. As one person uses the station, it begins
filtering new water into the holding tanks. This means no wait time
due to not enough filtered water being available within the machine.
As well as machines that are monitored in real time for their function and designed to decrease our plastic footprint by the use of canteen refillment over plastic bottles.

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